Journal Entry #12


4 years ago


I have to laugh at this Pull-Ups advertisement I saw while flipping through this month’s Parents magazine.

As a parent of a toddler boy who is getting ready to start potty training, I find this rather amusing.

Potty training my daughter was not easy and I hear boys are even harder. This huge milestone is definitely worth celebrating, however planning ahead and taking the time to cut up little pieces of magazine paper to make confetti and then keeping it in my back pocket to celebrate this momentous occasion is the last thing I want to do.

Not sure if Pull-Ups is serious about this or just using a “shock factor” for this month’s ad. Either way at least it made me smile :)

Journal Entry #11


5 years ago

Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Arden!

Arden has forever changed me into a Mother and I am forever grateful for the love and blessings she brings to my life. She is an amazing big sister and is constantly keeping our family entertained with her creativity and big imagination. I love this little girl!


Journal Entry #10


5 years ago

As a visual learner, I enjoy infographics. Do a quick search on Google now and you will find links to thousands.

Today I came across one that I find very useful. “29 Ways To Stay Creative”, is an infographic designed by Islam Abudaoud which illustrates a number tips and tricks which will help any creative to stay inspired.

Reading through I found that I have actually tried most of tips listed. My personal favorite is “Clean Your Workplace”.  Try it for yourself next time you feel like you are in a slump.

Check it out here:



[via Islam Abudaoud]

Journal Entry #9


5 years ago

Today I want to wish a very happy birthday to my sweet boy, Oliver! As you can see from the photographs I took of him yesterday, he is a character. Oliver adds so much happiness to our family!

I love you Oliver!



Journal Entry #8


5 years ago





In March, my daughter Arden will be 4 and my son Oliver will be 2. This year we’ve decided to have a combined party so I was needing a fun way to create a gender neutral graphic to be used on their birthday party invitation. I did a little brainstorming and came up with an idea to use cake sprinkles to create a “2/4” graphic for the invitation.


In honor of their birthdays I’ve listed a little tutorial to share with all of you!



• 1 Bottle Rainbow Nonparelis

• Spray Adhesive

• Solid Paper Background (any flat surface will do as long as you don’t mind spraying with adhesive)

• Paper Stencil



1. Print and cut out your graphic to create a stencil. Be sure to leave connections for any center pieces that will fall out (such as the center for the number 4).

2.  Position your stencil face up on your background surface.

3. Spray lightly with adhesive.

4. Sprinkle the Nonparelis on top.

5. Now for the fun part! Carefully peel off the paper revealing the design.

6. Photograph your work.






There are so many things that can be done with this method. Just by switching out the sprinkles for glitter, grass, confetti, etc., you can create a custom look.

I’ve been thinking about ways to use the reverse effect as shown by left over stencil here:


I love how the invitation turned out and I’m looking forward applying the same design to the icing on their cake.



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