Journal Entry #12


4 years ago

A few weeks ago I was at work brainstorming a way to create a graphic for a”Back Yard” themed party which will be hosted in the Paoli showroom this NeoCon. I came across a ton of really cool chalk board signs while searching the web and thought a chalkboard graphic would be a nice touch.

With a short deadline, finding someone to create this illustration in time for the party was not looking promising so I decided to attempt it myself. While I am not a chalk artist (yet!), I did inherited some drawing skills from my talented Mother who used to teach art. I knew I could draw but how to create this chalkboard look was something new. Then I remembered a post I came across a while back on “How To Fake a Chalkboard Effect Using Photoshop” (see blog link below). Drawing… check, Photoshop… check!

I spent the entire night back on my collage drafting board sketching away the final illustration which will be used in the form of an Eblast Invitation, Postcard Invitation and Sign.

I’m very happy and proud of the end result and hope it create some excitement for Paoli’s party :)


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