Journal Entry #12


2 years ago

If I had this all-in-one digital table in my kitchen there would be no excuses not to cook. The concept by Ikea has a built in induction cooktop and also suggests recipes based on leftover ingredients.

Journal Entry #11


4 years ago


This slow-motion video of exploding spice bags created by director Chris Cairn for Schwartz is so beautiful!



Journal Entry #10


4 years ago

One of the first things I picked up on out of school is how important shortcuts are to my workflow. Knowing your programs and all of the shortcuts saves so much time!

These awesome  cheatsheets from Zerolag are a great tool. Pin these up near your workstation and get to know them :)


ZeroLag.com_photoshop_screen_logo2 illustrator_shortcuts_clean


Journal Entry #9


4 years ago

Tired of the traditional Lorem Ipsum? No fear, Meet the Ipsums is here!

Meet The Ipsums  is a fun site with a collection of witty themed generated ipsums.

My personal favorite is the Cat Ipsum which will allow you to “litter your copy with more kitty”. I’m not a huge cat lover, but the copy is amusing :)

Here is just a sample of the littered copy:




Journal Entry #8


4 years ago



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