Logic Furniture Branding



Wieland Designs



Designed a brand identity including logo, tagline, photography style, brochure design, business suite as well as various touchpoints for Logic Furniture.

Logic Furniture is “Smart furniture with ingenious design, luxurious comfort and stunning beauty”.


with In Form Design

    LHY_TitlePage01_800px Logic_Logo_800px LHY_Photostyle_02_800px LHY_BizSuite_800px LHY_Photostyle_03_800px LHY_LookBook_01_800px LHY_LookBook_02_800px LHY_LookBook_03_800px LHY_LookBook_04_800px LHY_LookBook_05_800px LHY_LookBook_06_800px LHY_Photostyle_01_800px

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