The OFS Brands 2007 NeoCon Afterparty



OFS Brands



Designed and branded various touchpoints and signage for the OFS Brands 2007 NeoCon Afterparty.

As a new parent company, this was the very first “OFS Brands” event. It was held in Chicago’s beautiful Navy Pier Grand Ballroom.

OFS Brands was looking for a fun way to represent all three of their furniture brands (OFS, First Office, & Carolina Business Furniture) at this large and entertaining event.

with In Form Design

  1. Afterparty_Proj02_800px
  2. Afterparty_Proj_800px
  3. NeoCon_AfterpartyBanners_860px NeoCon_AfterpartyTouchpoints_01_860pxNeoCon_AfterpartyBand01_860px NeoCon_AfterpartyMenu01_860px NeoCon_AfterpartyTicket_Front01_860px
  4. OFBAfterparty_Ballroom01_400px
  5. OFBAfterparty_Ballroom02_400px


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